[Jesuery] How to download/install Jesuery theme?

Follow this tutorial to know how to install Jesuery - WooVina Child Theme:

1. Choose your plan and get started

- You can go to Jesuery page, scroll down to Get Jesuery Theme and choose your plan and get started.

2. Login and download theme package

- After completed payment, you just need login and go to Downloads page to download Jesuery theme.

3. Install/active Jesuery theme

- Before install/active Jesuery theme you need download and install WooVina theme.

- After install WooVina and Jesuery theme you need Active Jesuery theme as default.

4. Install/active all requires plugins

5. Import a demo layout

That's all. Now your website will look exactly like demo you've imported. If you see any problem or need further assist, please don't hesitate submit new ticket here: https://woovina.com/submit-ticket

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